€100 License Launched

August 14 (Singapore): CoinLeaders is proud to announce the addition of a 5th license. Now for just 100 euros, a new client can contribute resources to the CoinLeaders network and be in position to receive a reward of DasCoins. The €100 license currently comes with 1,100 Cycles plus an additional 15% of bonus Cycles for [...]

CoinLeaders Charter Sale Extended

July 1 (Singapore): John Pretto, Director of CL Singapore, announced that the CoinLeaders Charter Sale will be extended four additional weeks. The Charter Sale will now officially end on July 31st, 2016. In addition, the Frequency Lock on all subsequent Charter Licenses will be 3.0 (increased from the original level of 2.5). DasCoin is a [...]

CoinLeaders Event in Singapore

June 21st (Singapore): An elite group of Singapore’s top business leaders attended the CoinLeaders event on cryptocurrency, entitled “DasCoin: The Tipping Point of Cryptocurrency”, which was held today at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore. This was the second invitation-only cryptocurrency event hosted by MillionaireAsia magazine and it was attended exclusively by the magazine’s invited [...]

CoinLeaders Event in Thailand

June 18th (Bangkok): The second launch event for CoinLeaders Charter Sale took place in Bangkok, Thailand today. Business leaders from throughout Thailand were in attendance at the Pullman Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, gave a 30-minute presentation on “DasCoin: The Tipping Point of Cryptocurrency”. Terry O’Hearn, Executive Chairman of DasFinancial, also spoke [...]

Official Launch of CoinLeaders Charter Sale at Event in Malaysia

June 15th (Kuala Lumpur):   The CoinLeaders Charter Sale was officially launched today at a special cryptocurrency event held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The invitation-only event, entitled “DasCoin: The Tipping Point of Cryptocurrency”, was hosted by MillionaireAsia magazine and was attended by the magazine’s invited guests, consisting exclusively of successful [...]